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How Do I Know God Is Speaking To Me?

May 18, 2017 10:34 pm
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Have you ever asked yourself,  “How do I know God is speaking to ME?”  The good news is, God has already been speaking to you. He has a lot to say about your life and your loved ones. He wants you to KNOW what He saying. But many of us struggle with knowing HOW God speaks to us.

A few years ago, I was mentoring Marcus on how to hear God’s voice. That day I learned a lesson that opened up my understanding on how God communicates with all of us. I thought the only way God related to use is through words. I was wrong.

When I asked Marcus to ask the Lord for a Scripture verse for me, he gave me a verse. I looked it up, but it did not resonate with me. But I’m glad he tried. Then the Lord led me to ask Marcus a question that totally changed the way I communicate with God now. I asked him,

“Is God showing you any pictures?”  YES!!!

I asked him what he saw. Then the floodgates opened up for him because one way the Lord revealed things to Marcus was through pictures and images. Maybe the Lord has been speaking to you through images but you didn’t recognize it was from Him.

Soon I discovered that God can speak to us in several different ways. One day when I was journaling, the Lord revealed to me “God’s WIFI” for sharing His thoughts with us. He uses a lot of acronyms with me because they are easy to remember. Since I started to sharing His WIFI with others, many have been able to hear God at a much deeper level.

God’s WIFI stands for…





Let’s go into more detail with each one.

Words: God obviously created us to talk with Him. As I said before, God is talking and one way we can hear Him is through words. Many times He speaks to me by using Scripture verses. Another way He talks with me is by using my own language.

What I mean by that is that God uses certain phrases I would use in a conversation with others. He does that sometimes to get my attention. He knows every detail of our lives and He knows what to say, so we just know its Him speaking to us.

Images: Many of us are visual learners because God created us that way. So He can reveal to us by using images, pictures or even memories. The more I teach others how to hear God more clearly, the more I am discovering He using images to speak to us.

Have you ever had a person’s face come to your mind? It’s possible the Lord wanted you to contact that person or even pray for them at that moment. He is All Knowing. He knows the exact ways to communicate with you. So be more aware of the images you have and ask the Lord if they are from Him.

Feelings: Do you ever feel compassion, love or peace for someone else? It’s possible God is saying something very significant with those feelings. You may be more of a “feeling” person and so He wants you to know how He feels or how someone might be feeling at that moment.

Your heart might be more sensitive than others. You were made by the Lord to feel more feelings but not be led by them. We are spirit beings and have emotions and feelings. The Bible said we are to be led by the Spirit. As we are led by the Spirit, He can reveal things to you through feelings.

Impressions: I believe many of us get impressions from the Lord. We need to learn how to discern if it’s from God or not. An impression is a knowing. You just know that you know.

Whenever you get these impressions, sometimes they are for someone else. If you sense that is true, just ask the person if you can share what the Lord has impressed upon your heart for them. Most of the time they will be open to receive what the Lord has revealed to you for them.

The good news about God’s WIFI is He can use one or a combination of all four to communicate with you.

I used to get so “locked in” to getting Words from the Lord, that I missed out when God was using images, feelings and impressions. So when you are much more open to God’s WIFI and its much easier to know when God is speaking to you.

The day is coming soon where you will believe it when you do say to yourself, “I KNOW God IS speaking to me. Yes He is!” So if anyone asks, “How do I know if God is speaking to me”, you can tell the Truth.

Which one do you believe God speaks to you the most, Words, Images, Feelings or Impressions?

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