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Praise Reports – My Minnesota Trip

June 8, 2017 3:23 pm
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Imagine God FAR exceeding your expectations with God Surprises. That is what happened on my trip to Minnesota this past week to visit family and to minister. My Praise Reports are to glorify God in what He did on my trip to Minnesota.


I got to see my brother, his wife and my only nephew for breakfast on Monday. It was great hearing about what’s new in their lives and what plans they have for their futures. . I also got to see my Dad and Step Mom which I have not seen since last Spring. It was a good time catching up with them.


Healings manifested at the meetings. Friday night one was healed of back problems and numbness in his feet. On Saturday, legs grew out and adjusted backs, including my own. A woman who had her hip replaced last year walked with a limp because one leg was shorter than the other. Afterwards she was healed and has no more limp plus she came with hearing aides and they ended up in her purse. A short time later another woman’s vision was healed of a condition she had since birth. Praise God!!!


I believe there were over 40 who received a Word from the Lord and a few who received one for the first time. A lot of tears and laughter. God knows exactly what each person needs to hear. One of my favorite times when I get to minster is to watch others give Words from the Lord to a partner. Many say it was easier than they thought it was going to be when giving an encouraging Word from the Lord for the first time.


Wow! I got to lead others into encounters with the Lord with 7 Soaking Prayers over the weekend. Many saw visions from the Lord and received confirmation when the received their personal Words. I also believe the Lord walked by and touched everyone on their heads to bless them. One even saw angels. Soon I will be posting these Soaking Prayers on the “Soaking Prayer” Page.


I want to thank ALL of you who prayed and was interceding for me on this trip. It went so smooth and I could sense you praying for me. I truly enjoy sharing Praise Reports of  God’s goodness on my trip to Minnesota.

What were you specifically praying for when I was on this trip?

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