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What To Say To God In Your Journal

June 15, 2017 10:31 pm
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When you know what to say to God in your journal it will your relationship will go to a deeper level. I believe the #1 reason I hear God so clearly over the past 7 years is because of journaling. If you want to hear God more clearly and discover your purpose in life, I strongly encourage you to journal on a regular basis.

Why did I start journaling in the first place?

I received a Prophetic Word in 2010. God said in this Word to journal, journal, journal, journal. (Yes 4 times)  My journal would be filled with Scriptures and helping me to recognize God’s voice more clearly. Guess what? It happened.

Many ask me what do I write in my journal.

I tell them its very personal to me but I will share with them what I generally write when I have a conversation with God in my journal.

My journal is a Conversation Journal with God. I GET to talk with God each day as I write down my thoughts and what He is saying to me. It truly has been life transforming for me and will be for you too.

When you decide to have a conversation journal with God, you will be able to encounter Him like never before. Its a place where you get to meet God each day if you choose to and He will meet you there.

You will be able to stay more focused on what God is saying to you, but you will also be able to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with Him. In other words, JUST BE YOU. He already loves, accepts and approves of you AS IS.

How to start Journaling

So you can be transparent, open and honest when you write down what’s truly on your heart. If keeping a journal with God is new to you, let me share some simple journaling tips to help you get started so you will know what to say to God in your journal.

1. Include the Date

I believe its very important you share the date of your journal entries. Why?

There will be a time when you look back over your journal entries and you will see when God answered a prayer for you or someone you prayed for on that specific date. Also dates are very important to God. Since they are important to God, then make sure you keep your “date” with God in your journal.

2. Share what is on your Heart

This is a safe place to share how you really feel with God. He won’t be surprised by what you share. God is the All Knowing God, right?

He is the One who is actually leading you to express your feelings and emotions for your sake. You will discover more about who you are and what’s really going on in your life. Remember, God is the only One who truly understands you and accepts you just as you are. So open up and be completely honest with Him, OK?

3. Ask God Questions

Your journal can be filled with a lot of Q&A with God. This is where you can ask God very specific questions and receive very detailed answers from Him. One question I ask almost every time I journal is…

“Lord, what do YOU want to talk about today?”

Why do I ask that question? Because I want to know what’s on His heart. He knows that day better than we do right? He knows exactly the answer to that question.

Also you can ask God…

“Lord, what questions do You want me to ask You?” Another great question. This one question can open up the floodgates to receiving breakthrough in your life. Here the key to asking these questions…

You MUST listen for His answers.

Why would you ask God questions and not listen for His answers? A simple way to get in tuned with God’s voice is by asking Him for a Scripture verse. When I shared this with a young woman, she went home to journal and IMMEDIATELY she heard God give her a Scripture verse that resonated with her.

4. Testimonies

Your journal can also be filled with testimonies of the goodness of God. He not only wants you to write down what He did for you and for others, but He also wants you to share your testimonies. You know why?

The word “testimony” means to repeat, duplicate and do again. God wants to repeat, duplicate and do again whatever testimony you share with others. Plus He is receiving all the Glory He deserves.

It also gives hope to the hopeless when you share praise reports of what God is doing in your life. It can also encourage you of God’s faithfulness.

5. Direction for your Life

If you are seeking God for more direction regarding your purpose in life, I promise you that you will be able to get more clarity when you ask God to show you why you are here for such a time as this.

You will be able to get to know more about who you are and who God truly is from His perspective. He knows where you are right now and He wants to show you the path you are on with Him. So continue to ask Him very specific questions about your life’s journey and then you will know what to say to Him in your conversation journal with God.


Why do want to journal with God?

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  • vanessa says:

    I have written in a journal a few times in the past and yet it was only half hearted. listening to your soaking prayers on top of recently viewing The Shack makes me realize I want more in my relationship with Abba … so I am encouraged to restart the whole thing again. thank you

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Journaling with God can deepen your relationship like never before. I tell others this is the #1 reason why I hear the Lord so clearly over the last few years: Journaling with God.