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What Do You Do When You Receive A Prophecy?

August 22, 2017 2:05 pm
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Receiving A Prophecy

If I asked you, “What do you do when you receive a prophecy”, what would you tell me? When you receive a prophecy, you want to know what God wants you to do with this life changing Word. God will give you a prophetic Word to confirm what He has already revealed to you. Its up to you to only do what God leads you to do with each personal prophetic word you receive.

Over the past three years, the Lord has given me very specific instructions what to do when I give a prophecy to someone. He wants them to know what to do with it after they receive it.

ALWAYS Record Your Prophecy

I remember one time when a few students where going to give a prophetic word to a classmate. I recommended he record his Word on his phone. He said he had a great memory. I insisted he record it and he did.

The next day he emailed me and said Thank You for encouraging him to record his prophecy because he didn’t remember most of what was said to him.

Listen To Your Prophecy Over And Over Again

I can almost guarantee you that when you listen to your prophetic word the second time, you will hear things you didn’t hear the first time. Why is that?

When someone is giving me a Word from the Lord, I usually focus on just a few points. I always look forward to listening to my Word from the Lord several times so I can pay closer attention to what God really wants me to know.

You can always go back and listen to your prophecies to see what has come to pass in your life. Also it will help you become more expectant every time you listen to your Words from the Lord.

Ask God What He Meant By Each Point

One thing you really don’t want to do is assume you know what God meant in your prophecy. Only GOD knows exactly what He meant, so make sure you ask Him for clarity.

For example, the Lord may tell you to go to Bible College. You just assume He meant NOW, so you pack up all of your belongings and go to a Bible College. You know two questions you should ask Him?

Where and When?

Again you don’t want to assume you know what He meant. If you go out and do your own thing and your prophecy does not come to pass, you can’t blame God for it.

Ask God What Your Part

I tell others, “Just because a Word is spoken over you, doesn’t mean it will automatically come to pass. You have to do your part.”

The only way you are going to know your part, is to ask God. When He shows you what your part is, He will give the grace to do it. Remember you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.

God will only lead you to do what you CAN do with Him.

Ask God What His Part 

This point is so crucial. You have your role to play and God has His part to play. DON’T get them mixed up. He will not do your part. God is only going to do what He does best.

He is the ONE who knows what He is doing. He does it very well and He wants you to leave the results up to Him. You do want God’s Results don’t you?

Pray Over Your Prophecy

Last December, I was at a conference where I heard one speaker talk about receiving a prophecy. He said when you receive a prophetic word its like you have CONCEIVED something from God.

But what he said next REALLY got my attention.

He said, “When you Pray it out, you Birth it out!”

Make sure you ask God how He wants you to pray over His Word He gave you. The Bible promises when you pray according to His Will, He will give you what you are asking Him. In other words, pray only what God wants you to pray and you will get a GUARANTEED YES from Him.

Transcribe Your Prophecy

This is a step I’ve been sharing with many this past year and so many have been blessed by writing out or transcribing their prophetic words. You may be a visual person, so SEEING what God spoke to you will help you tremendously.

I also recommend you use two highlighters for your Word you transcribed. One color you would use to highlight “God’s part” of your prophecy and the other color for “Your Part.”

So when you read your Word from the Lord, you’ll be able to see what has already happened. Plus it will remind you of what your role is in your prophetic words.

Now when you receive a prophecy from now on, make sure you follow these simple steps. If you have already received prophetic words, then go back and listen to them again.

How has your life changed after you received a prophecy?

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