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From Lack To Abundance

September 20, 2017 5:16 pm
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From lack to abundanceThe Lord was showing me how to go from lack to abundance as I was studying 2 Kings 4:1-7. When you understand its God’s will for you to be free from lack and live in His abundance, your life will change.

This is a story of a widow who was about to have her sons taken by a creditor. I believe as you study this story, you will see Breakthrough Keys that will set you free from lack. I’ve read this passage of Scripture multiply times and each time I read it, the Lord gives me new revelations.

What Do You Already Have

Today He reminded me that He has ALREADY given each of SOMETHING we can use to get out of lack. You already have something in your possession that God is going to use to take you into an abundance lifestyle.

Many times we believe we have to go get something in order for us to go from lack to abundance. The truth is you ALREADY have your “jar of oil” you can use to set you free from lack.

In this passage, Elisha asked the widow how he could help her and what she already had in her possession. She said she had nothing EXCEPT a jar of oil. He was looking for something God could use to MULTIPLY in her life.  It was going free her from debt and for her sons to live with her in their home. (HINT)

Your Focus Can Change Your LIfe

If you look carefully at these verses, you will see that her FOCUS changed from her needs to her neighbor’s needs. This one key will help you today go from lack to abundance as well. Nevertheless, she realized she had something to bless others with, She also understood others had a lack problem and she could solve with the jar of oil.

Above all it required a miracle from God. Have you been in a situation where you needed God to show up BIG TIME? The good news you already have your “jar of oil”. You simply need to USE it to meet the needs of others. Ask God…

“Lord, what is my jar of oil I can use to bless others with?”

He will reveal it to you. Don’t assume. Just ask, listen and watch for God to reveal to you what your oil looks like you GET to pour into the lives of others.

Of course I wanted to know for myself what my jar of oil is so I can go from lack to abundance too. He told me it’s HIS WORDS. Furthermore, He showed me that I can use His Words, whether they are spoken or written, to pour into other’s lives.

What’s My Jar Of Oil

Notwithstanding, I’ve known for years the Lord wanted to speak/write through me. Now its up to me HOW MUCH I’ve allowed Him to pour out through me. I need to be much more willing for Him to pour out His “oil” through me into this generation.

He has called me to be an ENCOURAGER. I love encouraging others and He is stretching me to encourage many more by giving me new platforms to share His loving Words with the world.

If I were to ask you right now what your “jar of oil” is that God wants you share with the world, I don’t want you guess or try to figure it out. Rather I want you to go to God and ask Him directly what it is because He knows exactly what it looks like for you to go for lack to abundance HIS WAY. You do want to do His way don’t you?

You’ve Got It

God has blessed you with gifts, talents, skills, knowledge and experiences to share with others. You are a SOLUTION to other’s problems. Ponder that for a moment. You have SOMETHING you can pour into the lives of others that will meet their needs and could get you out of debt and living in abundance.

One of the keys going from lack to abundance is your MOTIVES. Its important to realize, you need to have the same mindset Jesus had when He walked on this Earth. He poured into the lives of others SELFLESSLY. Is that one of your motives? Are you willing to pour into the lives of others with no hook motives?

Equally important is God’s Perfect Timing. Yes you already have your “jar of oil”. Moreover, you must pour it out at the right time to those people who God leads you to bless. You may have to prepare yourself  possibly for a few days or weeks before He leads you to share your gifts, talents, knowledge and experiences with others. Ask God what you need to do NOW to get ready to pour out your “jar of oil.”

New Revelations Await

I encourage you to study 2 Kings 4:1-7 and ask the Lord for new revelations. Then you ask Him, I promise you He will answer you. Also when He reveals to you how you will go from lack to abundance, make sure you follow His lead.

Remember He is an Ephesians 3:20 God who IS doing exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL you are asking or thinking. Even though the power that is working within, you need to COOPERATE with God. Finally, don’t go off on your own and try to do this your way. If you want God’s Results, do it God’s way.

How would going from lack to abundance change your life?

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