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God Is Taking You To The Next Level

October 16, 2017 3:39 pm
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God Is Taking You To The Next LevelHave you been sensing recently that God is taking you to the next level? He has been setting you up since the beginning of time.

You may have been feeling an unsettling on the inside of you. Its God letting you know that what has been “status quo” is about to change in a BIG WAY. Are you ready to go to the next level?

First of all, going to the next level requires you to seek the Lord for His direction. This level will not be like any other one you have ever experienced. It will be one that will stretch you to trust God like never before.

Hearing God’s Peaceful Voice

Ultimately, you will hear His voice in such a way that it will feel like waves of peace rolling over you. I believe you will feel His presence and His power flowing through you in such a mighty way. Get out of the way of what God is going to do through you and for you. In other words, allow the Lord to do what what HE wants to do HIS WAY.

You will not only learn to trust Him in a new way as He is taking you to this new level, but you will experience such a peace. Its a peace that passes all understanding that will guard and rule your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

Your focus will be so much on the Lord that you will get to the place in your heart when you really do trust Him completely. THEN you will experience His PERFECT Peace.

God is taking you to the next level to put you in a position to influence and bless more people than you ever imagined. You will make a greater impact in the lives of others you never thought was possible.

I know God has bigger plans for you. You know your life can be so much better than it is right now, true?

Its time to focus your attention on God and what He wants you to do right now before He takes you to the next level. Get into a position of rest where you are totally relying on God for His timing and His results.

Its Preparation Time For You

Next, God is getting you ready. He is the One who has been equipping you. The Lord is the one setting you up with new connections and new relationships. He wants you to be prepared to meet new influencers so you can bless them.

Its also a time to believe Him. No doubting. You can’t waver. No fears. Just believe. Remember God cannot lie. He can only tell you the Truth and He always speaks the Truth in LOVE.

God is SO FOR YOU.

He wants you to prosper in such a way that others will notice what HE has done in your life. The Lord has SUCCESS on His mind for you. He wants you to ask Him what success looks like from His perspective. God is leading you to your next level of success. Are you ready?

New Position – New Impact

You are moving in a new position where you can impact other generations. Its a Legacy Position. God wants you to leave a legacy behind. Legacy means a gift handed down to a predecessor. As a matter of fact, you have a gift that will bless multiple generations.

God is taking you to the next level for His reasons. He wants you to give Him your attention and focus. The Lord wants you to be INTENTIONAL with your decisions from now on. This is a very significant step you are about to take WITH GOD.

You are not doing this alone. He has people already assigned to help you. Many of them you will not meet personally, but will other hand mentor you and encourage you to go to the next level of success. Furthermore, you need to ask God who they are because He knows who help you.

You will also see that your life will be much more exciting. I know you will look forward to each day because you GET to do what you love to do. This next level God is taking you to, will be a LEVEL OF JOY you have not experienced yet. Have fun!

Expect New Relationships

Finally, your relationships are about to change. Many people in your life right now will not be on the next level. Only God knows who will be there waiting for you. This means you must be willing to let go of relationships the Lord wants you to let go of for your good and for their good as well.

Some will not want you to go the next level. It takes a Next Level Mindset. Then ask the Lord what that mindset looks like for you. Consequently, you can’t expect everyone you know to understand this mindset either.

I’m excited for you. I know while God is taking you to the next level, that you must let go of the old for the new. All things considered, are you willing to do that?

What are you really looking forward to when you reach the next level?

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This post was written by Jeffrey Hardwick


  • Cid Cota says:

    Thank you Jeffrey for this word. Very timely in my life right now! Next level mindset – Next level living! Thank you God for the next and the new!

  • Sallie says:

    I am looking for the next level to be one of Significance. I am so prepared to move on into this new role where I love what I do and am also making a difference in the world doing what I love. Thank you for this encouragment.

  • Anonymous says:

    My God! It’s already starting! God has been preparing me my whole life for such a time as this! Been through so much…humbling experiences, trials and tribulations….thorns in the flesh.
    I am expecting to impact a greater sphere of influence…Kingdom businesses, tranformational annointing that God has bestowed upon me to bring change to others for His Glory….and for them to go and bring change….multiplication!
    It’s time! It’s His time! No wonder the enemy has tried to take me out many times….but God!
    Thank you for that encouraging word from the Lord!
    Took me a lifetime to become confident in who He has called me to be…..love you Lord

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      We can learn so much from humbling experiences. Expect to make a greater impact with a greater sphere of influence will bless God’s Kingdom.

  • Jill Barker says:

    Thank you Jeffrey! This was so encouraging and right on time for me! Blessings friend!!

  • Julie Enders says:

    God is really stirring our heart in sooo many levels Jeff! Big moves and intentional changes requiring big trust with God as right now there are many unknowns! Please pray for us! This was an extremely timing word for us and confirmation!

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      God has big moves for both of you for a much big purpose. Seek Him and He will reveal His purpose to you.