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Your Story Needs To Be Told

October 19, 2017 4:02 pm
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Typewriter with camera and coffee cupYou have a story and it needs to be told. Why? Because you have Life Lessons that need to be shared with the world. You have learned from your successes as well as mistakes. You will be amazed how others will be encouraged by your life’s journey. When you discover why your story needs to be told, it will change how you see your life.

I know this firsthand because I am in a place in my life where I am opening up and being more real with myself and others. I am learning how to be transparent with those around me. 

Does it feel comfortable? Not at all, but its developing healthy relationships for the first time in my life. Isn’t that what you want too, healthier relationships?

If so, then it begins with you CHOOSING to open up and share what you have learned through your life experiences. You will be surprised how others will respond to you too. How so?

If you could chose to have REAL Relationships or Fakey ones, which one would you choose? Real ones of course. So do others and they will more likely want to develop a friendship with you the more you are real and open with them.

So what does this have to do with you sharing your story?

First of all, you DO have a story to share with others. If you look back over your life, you can see where you made mistakes and realized those decisions were not healthy ones, right? In other words, you found out what did NOT work for you.

Secondly, you found out what DID work for you. You do have successes you can share with others to inspire and encourage them. Who doesn’t need encouragement? I do and so do others.

Typically people share their stories for others to like them or accept them. What I propose to you is this: Share your story to influence the lives of others. That is your PURPOSE of sharing your life story.

Its not about boasting or bragging at all. You want others to connect with you. You want them to realize they are not alone.

When you share your struggles and what you have had to overcome, it will encourage them to take a step in the right direction. The key here is to tell stories where others can relate with you. 

Think about a time when you listened to a story of someone who became very successful. Didn’t they share their struggles they went through before they achieved success? It gave you hope. If they could overcome some challenges that you have faced and succeeded, so can you.

Are you starting to see how significant it is for you to share your story?

Again the purpose of sharing your Life Lessons is to influence the lives of others. Its not about what you GET out of this, but instead of what you GIVE. Ponder that for a moment.

Your Life Lessons are a GIFT to the world.

So I encourage you today to write down what you have already learned in your life. Make two lists:

  1. What DID work for me?
  2. What did NOT work for me?

This is where it all begins. It starts with you looking back over your life and discovering what Life Lessons you have learned that you need to share with the world.

Yes your story needs to be told. If not, then how will others learn from your Life Lessons?

Stay tuned for the my next blog posts where I share my Life Lessons of what worked for me and what did not work for me. Since your story needs to be told, then ask God to help you.

Tell me one of your Life Lessons that will help others overcome their struggles.

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