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Hearing God More Clearly
Knowing God More Intimately


Giving Encouraging Words From The Lord
Teaching How God Speaks

Jeffrey Hardwick is founder of A Transforming Word, a ministry that equips the Body of Christ with encouraging Words from the Lord, practical biblical teaching and comforting soaking prayers.

God gave Jeffrey a mandate which leads others to a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus.

“Helping the body of Christ hear God’s voice more clearly”!

In 1991, he began as a motivational speaker for coaches and athletes on the mental game. Soon he realized that everyone had potential and so many were not living the life they were meant to live, including himself.

So Jeffrey went on a pursuit to find the Truth. One day, someone gave him a Gideon Bible that changed his life. He discovered the Truth was found in the Bible. A few months later, Jeffrey made Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.

Over the course of years, he desired to know God’s voice so clearly that he could hear God at anytime. God answered his prayer. The more he pursued to know God personally, the more God revealed who He truly is.

In 2013, God gave Jeffrey a very unique assignment. He asked him to post an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone wanted to receive a prophetic Word from the Lord. In the next several days, people started to request a Word only giving Jeffrey their first name and email address. And that is where A Transforming Word all began.

Check out some of the testimonies of those who have received an encouraging Word from the Lord.

The last few years, Jeffrey has been giving countless people Words from the Lord as well as training them in how easy it is to hear God’s voice clearly. He loves giving people a prophetic Word especially if they have never received one before.

God then opened up doors for Jeffrey to travel and share his prophetic and teaching gifts. If you would like him to come and share his gifts with your ministry, click the link below.

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