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What REALLY Happened On My Retreat With God

February 2, 2018 6:11 pm
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Man sitting on wall listening to GodI’m going to share with you what really happened on my Retreat with God. My life will never be the same after the last few weeks because of the healing that took place.

The first day of my Retreat with God I was heartbroken. Why? I had not been taking care of myself. God knew that and He wanted me to get away with Him for awhile to heal my heart, feelings and emotions. He also knew I needed to retreat from what I was doing with my life.

First Instruction

This Retreat began with God saying to me, ‘LISTEN MORE.” Sounds like God, doesn’t it? He always wants us to listen more to Him. As I did, God showed me His perspective of me that brought forth a healing I had needed for decades. He was helping me to REFOCUS on what He wanted me to focus on in the first place: The Truth of Who He is and Who I am.

The second week of my Retreat with God was about learning how to take care of myself. In other words love, accept and value myself just like God. How did that happen? God gave me a New Story. For years, I have been listening to an unhealthy story on the inside of me that was not helping me at all, especially in my relationships. I understood for me to have healthy relationships with others, I first had to have a healthy relationship with myself. So God’s New Story for me changed all of that.

Changing My View

I’m sure you have heard the way you view yourself is the way you view others. So I needed to change the way I viewed myself so I could view others in a healthy way. But it first started with me having a healthy view of God, myself and then for others. God healed my feelings and emotions in this process and I am so looking forward to having healthier relationships.

The third week of my Retreat with God was about understanding others. God wanted me to “get out of my head” and connect with my heart. He wanted me to focus on other’s hearts, but I could not do that if I was stuck in my head. He was showing me its in a person’s heart is where they believe and feel. Instead of me having “mental conversations” with others, He wanted me to listen to their hearts in order to connect with them.

It really started one night when the Lord spoke to me about having a “heart-to-heart connection” with Him. It always begins with God doesn’t it? He created relationships in the first place. The best way to have a healthy relationship is to have a heart to heart one. Otherwise is just superficial and who wants a superficial relationship? I don’t anymore.

Why Do I Feel This Way

God also wanted me to understand WHY someone feels the way they feel and WHY they believe what they believe. This is such a Huge Revelation. Imagine if we all connected with one another heart to heart and actually understood why we feel what we feel and why we believe what we believe. How would that change our relationships? Well I am about to find out really soon.

For the past few weeks I have had very little contact with people that I know. God wanted to heal my heart so I can have healthy relationships from now on. At first I thought this was so selfish, but the Lord showed me it was actually SELFLESS. How?

He told me when I get healthy, then I can help more people and have healthier relationships. So I am not really doing this just for me, but for OTHERS, including you. I hope that others will understand that this time with God will benefit them as well.

My WHY In Life

God also told me more about My Why In Life. Do you want to know what it is? Helping Others Discover Their Why In Life. What this means is there will be many changes to A Transforming Word in the months to come. I’ll not only be helping others hear God’s voice MORE clearly, but also helping them know their reason for living.

Plus I will be making videos for a new YouTube Channel as well as doing Facebook Live Videos. Expect to me to CONNECT with you more. But realize I am going to have a heart to heart connections from now on. All of these changes are FOR YOU. So look forward to the NEW. Remember, old things have passed away, behold ALL things are become new.

Thank you so much for your prayers. God heard you and He said, “YES!!!”

What did YOU need to learn from my Retreat With God?

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This post was written by Jeffrey Hardwick


  • Eveann says:

    This is such a blessing, but it is also easier said than done. Jeffrey I am having a hard time hearing His voice. So how can I get to that point if my hearing is off. That you for sharing and I am so excited for where God is taking this Ministry.

  • Lee Foreback says:

    WOW!! This is just what I needed to hear today!! Again God used you to solidify exactly what He wants for me!! Thank You!!

  • Cassie says:

    I have been through much grief in my adult life and have felt for years that my why is also to help others. I have already talked with several ladies who also have lost husbands and children. However, satan has attacked my second marriage in the last couple of years and has faught extremely hard to destroy it. My now husband feels he has a calling on his life to be in ministry. We are beginning to move in a new direction. I look forward to your new direction assisting us in ours. Thanks for your obedience to the Lord.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Cassie, the enemy does not like Unity but instead, division. God will bless your marriage of unity. Yes He will. I look forward to sharing more so you both can know Your Why In Life.

  • Jill Barker says:

    Wow Jeffrey! Thank you for being so honest and transparent here! I love how God uses you and your true heart for him! I know we’ve gone through some huge bumps in the road and God has been proving so faithful! I’m so looking forward to my WHY 😇
    Waiting on his miracles and his timing for all my loved ones! Can’t wait for what he has for us all!!
    I do know what we’ve walked through has not been in vain!! Hallelujah JESUS!!!
    God continue to bless you friend and your ministry!


  • Richard Manes says:

    Brother Jeffrey,
    While reading about your retreat with God it ministered to me so deeply. Maybe not in an exact way as you, but I had grown up with an image of God that was as an old man who was always angry with me and ready to zap me with a lightning bolt at any moment. I carried this inside for most of my life and as a result I had never realized who I was in Christ! I seemed to strain and struggle in trying to believe that God loved me and wanted to speak to me. I am now learning to accept His love and know that God really does care about me. For many people it might be difficult to understand how someone can view themselves as unimportant and never measuring up, but it is the reality of having wrong thoughts about yourself for years. The prophetic words that you have spoken over my life have opened my heart and expectations for greater things to come!!! I am excited about having a good and healthy relationship with my heavenly father and I am learning how to hear His voice!!
    Praise God and thank you more than words could ever say!!!

  • Jane Montague says:

    being open and honest is good. Most people show you what they think you want to see, and that may not be the real person or who they are. Just be yourself and people will love you. Your Heavenly Father will show you the relationship that is right for you. Honest and open.

  • Jesusa says:

    Making time with God my priority.

  • Sarah Carver says:

    This is powerful. I am thankful you had this experience because you were able to articulate everything I have been on a journey with our Father to achieve!! Heart to heart relationship. God bless you!! Thank you for your time!

  • Charlotte Tafur says:

    Jeff, that was a volnerable side to you I have never seen. Thanks for sharing, Alex and I recently went through the hardest time in our marraige. God brought a huge life line, an inner healer which came to our house. There has been so much trauma in both of our lives, and our marraige was unhealthy in every way, to the point we thought it could be the beginning of the end. Of course the hero stepped in and said its the end yes, of all the junk satan and placed on you both…having going through some deep hurt with Alex, God showed me how much he truely adored me, he said a love that he has for you is rare and has not seen in awhile. We are now free and much more in love Gods way. We are both healthy now and will have a healthy marraige from now on. Praise God !

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Thanks so much for sharing the healing in your marriage. Many times we need to just be honest with ourselves and be willing to make changes not just for ourselves but for others especially.

  • Cid Cota says:

    I have been missing your blog post, but now I partly know why it’s been a while. Looking forward to the changes coming soon. My life has been in renovation since I started reading your post about 6 months ago. Thank you for your work.