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New Journal Conversation With God

April 5, 2018 5:28 pm
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New Journal Conversation With GodDo you want to know how God shows me what to teach? ALL of my teachings are from my journal conversations with God. So today the I am going to share with you a new journal conversation with God.

In June 2017 I had the opportunity to share a message called “How To Encounter God.” You can watch the teaching here and also be blessed by a Soaking Prayer on encountering God.

In my journal conversation with God last June, this is HOW God wanted to prepare me to share this message on encountering God.  When I talk, I use ( ) and when God talks, I use ” “.

Encountering The Great I am For Yourself

First of all, when I minister I ask the congregation, “How many of you would love to Encounter the Great I am? They will raise their hands. I promise you. Consequently, we need to break it down for them. Whatever verse we share you must share the meaning of the key words in the verse. Lets start with ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ Look up that verse in the Concordance and other versions please.

(Psalm 46:10

Be still: Sink, relax, be quiet.

Know: Perceive, be acquainted with, know by experience.

God: Elohiym – True God

Be: Abide; Continue, Remain, Stay. Lets get into all of this now.)

“My goal is for everyone who is there to have an Encounter with the Great I Am. That’s Me. (Yes) They must believe it is possible for them. All of them. When they believe they can AND will have an encounter with Me, they will. Start there.

Believe and You WILL Receive

“It comes down to believing. When they believe, they receive. Mark 11:24 tells them what they desire and when they pray and when they believe they WILL receive AND have an encounter with Me. Ask them if they desire to have an Encounter with Me. Look up the word desire. (Crave) Now go to Psalm 34:7.

(Delight: Be happy about

Desire: Request, Petition)

“Now lets break this down for them. Do they desire, crave, request or petition to have an Encounter with Me? (Yes) Ask them first. Those that say YES, will.

“Ask them if they can be happy about the Lord. Ask them why are they happy about Me. Its personal for all. So once they have believed they will receive what they desire, crave and pray for, IT will happen for them. Finally, we will end it with a Soaking Prayer.

What Is An Encounter?

“Look up encounter definition please.”  (Encounter: Meeting with a person, casual, unexpected, brief.) “You want to meet with the Great I Am today, right? Be casual with Him. Relax. Be who you are with God. Furthermore, you don’t have to impress Him at all. He was the One who created you in the first place. Also He accepts you AS IS.

(For example, when I taught home schoolers about 5 years ago, I remember telling them that God loves and accepts them AS IS. I believe it put them at ease that they didn’t have to do anything for God to accept them or love them AS IS.)

Last time I shared a journal conversation with God, many were blessed by what they read.

Above all, if you desire to have an Encounter with God each night before you fall asleep, listen to these Soaking Prayers.

Many times I am not really sure why the Lord leads me to share what I share with you. Finally, I pray that the Lord speaks through these words to bless you!

What stood out in this journal conversation with God? 

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  • IEveann says:

    The way He had you to look up each word and put them in a sentence which bright it all together.. It seemed so simple. It truly blessed me. Thank you for your obedience and for sharing.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      I’m glad it blessed you. I like looking up definitions. Assumptions don’t work to well. God is really into simplicity.

  • Aggie Theriot says:

    That anyone’s can have an encounter with God. They have to want it and believe. Thank you for sharing. I love reading what you have to say and I love the soaking prayers, they are so peaceful.