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What Works And Does NOT Work In My Life

April 10, 2018 5:44 pm
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What works and does not work in my lifeToday I was pondering on what works and does not work in my life to teach you Life Lessons. Again I’m going to be vulnerable and transparent with you, which seems like a theme with me and God this year. I believe the more you can learn from my life lessons the better of you will be.


Talking With God

Over 10 years ago when I was still living in Minnesota, I started to have a conversation with God. It began in the morning just asking Him what our day looks like together. I would ask Him what He wanted me to do with Him. The key was to LISTEN to what He was saying to me.

Ideally God wants me to have a continuous conversation with Him all day long. I’ve had a few days like that and I would never trade those days for anything. It still amazes me that God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, talks with me each day and He wants to talk with you too.


I would say this is one of my favorite things I look forward to doing each week. WHY? Because I get to have a personal one on one conversation with God in my journal. I get to go back and read what He has spoken to my heart years ago and see what He said came to pass.

Every time I encourage others to have a Conversation Journal with God its to enrich their relationship with God at a deeper level. You can ask God so many detailed questions and He will give you such specific answers. If you are not sure what to journal, I encourage you to read this post.

Making A List

THE most productive days I ever have is when I write down on a sheet of paper what I am going to do for that day. Many times I’ll ask the Lord what He wants us to do. Its so fulfilling at the end of the day when I can see all we accomplished.

I remember reading a story of one of the wealthiest men in America in the early 1900’s who had a strategist adviser come to his business to help his workers accomplish more each day. After a few months, this adviser received $25,000 for his advice. What did he tell them to do? Each day write down 6 things you need to accomplish and only go on to the next task AFTER finishing the previous one. Great advice, don’t you think?

Honestly, when I CHOOSE to do all 3 of these, talking with God, journaling and making a list, so much happens on those days. Now that you know what works in my life, lets talk about what does not work in my life.




Honestly, I have been guilty of this so many times and it has costly me dearly in every area of my life. I know the root of it is fear. So why do I chose to be afraid and procrastinate? I know its not healthy for me, but why do I do what does not benefit me at all?

Many times I don’t want to face a situation or confront someone. Again fear based decisions. But I do know its best to confront others in a healthy way. I also know that procrastination is just an excuse. Here is a good definition for you to remember…

“Excuses are just lies in disguise.”


I would say over 80% of my adult life I have been in isolation. Why? Fear again. Many times I have been in social situations and not sure what to say or do. Unfortunately I have chosen to be away from others so I don’t get hurt.

But recently I have been working on getting out more socially and have seen progress. If you are one that feels lonely and isolated, I can relate. Personally I feel so much better when I am socializing or ministering face to face with others. I encourage you to find something you enjoy doing and go bless others.

Stuffing My Feelings

For the majority of my life I have chosen to NOT share how I feel. Many times because I did not know what I was actually feeling. I did not learn growing up how to share my feelings in a healthy way. It helps when I have a “Safe Person” I can share how I feel.

I don’t always share how I feel, but recently I have been sharing more and more. You know what happens? I feel so much freer. Also the Lord wants me to ask Him WHY I feel those feelings. I believe its not only important to share How you feel but know Why you feel that way.

When I choose to make Love Based Decisions vs Fear Based Decisions, it benefits not only me but others as well. I encourage you to ask yourself when making decisions, “It this a love based decision or fear based decision?” Once you know the answer, then ask, “Why?” Hopefully these life lessons of what works and does not work in my life have encouraged you to reflect on what works and does not work in your life too.

What is ONE thing that works really well for you?

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