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How Correction Blesses You

April 18, 2018 5:14 pm
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How Correction Blesses YouI want you to know how correction blesses you and those around you. There are not many people want to be corrected . When you are open to correction “God’s Way”, it blesses you abundantly.

The definition of correction is a change that rectifies an error or inaccuracy; something that is substituted for what is wrong or inaccurate. Based on those definitions, would you WANT to be corrected to get you on the right path? I do.

Pride vs. Humility

This morning as I was studying Proverbs 15, the Lord said, “The pride resist correction, but the humble embrace it.” Why do you think He said that to me? Personally, I need correction where I am at in my life right now. If I do NOT want God’s correction, then I am choosing to stay the SAME. I don’t want to stay the same. Since I want change now, but that requires correction.

I want you to be in the center of God’s will, don’t you? Well the only way to get there is to be open to God’s correction and His leading. If you knew you were not going in the right direction, wouldn’t you be willing to make a few changes in your life?

My prayer is that you are now beginning to recognize how correction blesses you. I know you want to live a Blessed Life. Now I know its going to require correction from God. See change and correction as a good thing. Look at how they can bless you. But it really comes down to you be willing and humble to admit you need correction from God.

Again pride says NO to correction, but humility says YES. Its your choice to be either prideful or humble. Choosing pride is saying, “I want to do it MY way.” But choosing humility is saying, “I want to do it GOD’S way.”

Do want some good news about how correction can bless you? You have already allowed the Lord to make corrections in your life before in the past. So allowing God to correct you now is nothing new to you. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Paul tells us, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Willingness is a Choice

It really comes down to a willingness to allow the Lord to correct you. Look at this way, if you say NO, then how can correction bless you? But is you say YES, then you can expect God to tell you do to something you are capable of doing in the first place.

You can look at how correction can bless you as something you can and will do. Or you can chose to walk in fear and remain stuck the rest of your life. Why not look at correction as something fun to do? I know it may seem a bit crazy, but you choose your perspective on what you do anyway, don’t you?

“A wise son make a glad father.” Do you want to please Abba Father? You can by being willing to allow your Loving Father to correct you. Why does He does He correct you? Because He LOVES you. The Lord loves whom He corrects. There is a BLESSING in God’s correction. Do yo want to find out what that blessing is?

I recommend you humble yourself before God right now and tell Him you need His help and correction. When you learn how correction blesses you, be open to it. Then you can expect to see how correction can bless you.

Why do you want God to correct you?

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  • Steve Reider says:

    I want god to correct me so I he can lead me to where he wants me to go I WANa be obedient to god and follow him . Thank you for your video

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      When you ask, you will receive. Hopefully you were blessed by the video.