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What Has God ALREADY Given You?

May 23, 2018 11:29 am
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What has God already given you.

If you would ask me what has God already given you, it would be obvious. Many times we want much more from God without even realizing what God has already given us. When I read Scriptures and I see you are already loved, blessed, healed.

What God says is true and I believe what He said is a done deal. Its already done, finished and complete. What would happen if you had the same mindset God has: It IS Finished? You wouldn’t be trying to make God do something that is already done. How could you make Him do anything He already completed ?

What God Gave You

Instead of asking God for more, why not ask Him what God has ALREADY given to you? God will even show you what He wants you to do with it. No matter what your situation is, God has already given you a BLESSING to share with your neighbors. God will prove it to you too.

In 2 Kings 4:1-6 there was a women who was in a horrible situation. Her husband had died, she was in so much debt that the creditor was coming to take her two sons to be his slaves. But God…

She was wise enough to go to Elisha and ask for his help. The Lord spoke through him and asked her what she ALREADY HAD in her house. God had given her something that would deliver her from her debt and keep her sons. I’m sure her situation is worse off than yours, but I KNOW God has already given you SOMETHING to use to set you free from your circumstances.

How Your Focus Can Change Everything

The widow told Elisha she had a jar of oil, but she was about to find out very soon that her circumstances were about to change because of one thing: Change of FOCUS. When she came to Elisha she was so focused on her own needs. But that all changed when God wanted her to go bless her neighbors with what God had ALREADY given her.

What happened next, changed the course of her life. She was given specific instructions what to do with what she already had – a jar of oil. She was to use what she had to bless her neighbors. I believe you already have your “jar of oil” so to speak that God has already given to you. It may be a gift, talent, specialized talent or even a business idea. You already have something God is going to reveal to you that you will share with your neighbors and meet their needs.

Trust God To Multiply What You Have

When the widow followed Elisha’s instructions, she was trusting God to MULTIPLY what was in the jar. It wasn’t UNTIL she started to pour out what she already had, that God began to INCREASE the oil in the jar. You have something God has been waiting for you to pour out into your neighbors lives. People all around the world are just waiting for you to POUR. When God shows you your jar of oil will you be WILLING to pour it out?

Your neighbors have needs too and you have something that is an answer to their needs. Its not just WHAT God has already given you, but WHY and HOW you pour it into their lives. Why does God want you to pour it into their lives? He wants you to love your neighbor. He wants you to help them. But HOW you pour is just as important and you know why?

How You Give Will Determine How You Receive

When you pour your jar of oil SELFLESSLY your life will change forever. Its about giving selflessly so you can receive more. THEN you can give even more selflessly. When this widow changed her FOCUS and willingly, lovingly, selflessly gave what she already had, not only were her neighbor’s needs met, but then Elisha told her to sell the oil, pay off her debt and her family will live on the rest.

What has God already given you?  Your jar of oil. Ask Him what it is and how He wants you to pour into the lives of others. He will show you the WHAT and it will be very OBVIOUS to you. Please don’t get hung up on YOU trying to figure out the HOW part. That is not your responsibility. Remember the widow did not have to come with HOW to get out of her situation, the Lord revealed it to her.

You MUST Know God’s Why

Now you know what God has already given you, how to pour it into others lives, but you MUST know His WHY. In other words, your motives must be the same as His motives. He wants you to pour out, because of love. Also remember.. “freely you have received, freely give.” You did NOT earn, deserve nor merit the GIFTS God has already given to you.

What you are about to do right now is going to change the course of your life. You are no longer going to focus on you getting your needs met, but instead you are going to LIVE TO GIVE. God is the ONE who is responsible for meeting your needs anyway, right? Read Philippians 4:19. If you think about all of those who are truly JOYFUL, its because they love helping and serving others.

Where Do You Start Today?

First, ask what has God ALREADY given you that He wants you to share with others. Again, don’t try to figure this out nor do you want to assume you know. Ask, listen and watch what He reveals to you. When He shows you, it will resonate on the inside of you and be confirmation too.

Secondly, ask God WHY He wants you to share your jar of oil with others. He will tell you specifically His SELFLESS motives. Don’t be surprised if you feel convicted. Your focus and your motives are changing today.

Finally, ask the Lord HOW He wants you to pour out your jar of oil and WHO He wants you to bless with what you already have. “…You have not because you ask not.” Imagine being a few questions away from CHANGING countless others lives as well as your own. Remember the widow’s solution came AFTER her neighbors problems were solved first with her jar of oil she CHOSE to pour out into their lives with a SELFLESS heart. So will you. When someone asks you, “What has God already given you?” Now you can tell them a Jar of Oil.

What stood out in this post that will change your life forever?

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  • Tammy says:

    Such a great blog!! Asking the right questions helps keep humility and getting what is needed for understanding and wisdom!

    Great job!!