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Intimacy With God Through Soaking Prayers

October 16, 2018 5:28 pm
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How would you like to experience intimacy with God and all you have to do is simply listen to Soaking Prayers? Yes it can be that easy. All you have to do is listen and watch what the Lord reveals to you. The question is: How intimate do you want to be with God?

The reason I ask you is because through Soaking Prayers you can go as deep as you want in your relationship with God. He desires intimacy with you. In fact, do you even know the definition of intimacy?

Intimacy: Closeness; Friendship; Familiarity; Something of personal or private nature

Why Intimacy With God?

I believe many of us are not willing to be intimate with God because of our perspective and beliefs we have about Him. If we truly KNEW God’s heart for us, we would be more than willing to share what is personal and private with Him. But why don’t we?

When you truly know God, you can TRUST Him. When you trust Him, then you can chose intimacy with God. So it starts with you desiring to be intimate with God Almighty. Are you willing to go there with Him?

The more intimate you are with Him, the more FREEING you will be. I know this first hand. God never wanted me to hide anything from Him. How could I? He is the All Knowing God, isn’t He? Since He knows everything about me, then why does He want me to open up and be transparent, vulnerable and honest with Him?

I believe that is the way He created me to have a personal relationship with Him. He desires for you to experience Him in such a personal, intimate way too. But are you willing to go there with Him? I encourage you to do so and one way is through Soaking Prayers.

Why Soak In God’s Presence?

If you have never experience God’s presence before, I highly recommend you start with listening to Soaking Prayers. Why? First of all, its easy and simple to do. Push PLAY, listen and watch what God reveals to you.

Second, you can feel His love for you. Who would not want to know how much God loves them? I’ve led many in God’s presence through Soaking Prayers and so many tell me afterwards of how much they enjoyed God’s presence.

Also you can experience so much HEALING during a Soaking Prayer. I’ve seen so many healed by simply listening to one of my Soaking Prayers. I believe its a time where you can feel safe with the Lord and know He wants to speak to your heart and heal you at the same time.

Why Do I Love Soaking Prayers?

This may surprise you, but I really don’t know what I am saying when I am leading others into God’s presence through Soaking Prayers. The Lord showed me one time that I am just the mailman. I don’t write the letters. I don’t censor them. God told me to deliver them. When I go home I will listen to the Soaking Prayer and THEN I’ll hear what God spoke though me.

A few years ago, the Glory of God showed up during a Soaking Prayer.

Glory of God Manifests

Glory of God Manifests







Imagine basking in the Glory of God. What do you think could happen when His Glory shows up when you listen to these Soaking Prayers. I believe when you do that you can expect BREAKTHROUGH in your life. One moment is God’s presence can change your life forever.

If you have listened to my Soaking Prayers WHY would you encourage others to listen to them? 



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