A Transforming Word



The anointed teachings I have received from A Transforming Word have truly enhanced my ability to hear from God and communicate with Him in greater depths of intimacy.  It’s through the practical step by step teachings on Hearing Gods Voice  that I’ve gained a greater sensitivity and awareness to Holy Spirit and the many ways He speaks.

God has used these teachings to inspire me to journal, read the Word out loud and recognize when He is speaking to me through my thoughts, impressions and visions. I am privileged to experience a dimension of His heart unknown by many.   The insight I’ve gained from A Transforming Word has awakened my heart to the radical love God has for me.
Kacia, North Carolina

I attended classes on how to hear God’s voice. I found out I really could hear God. Years later it’s part of my life, I have an open 2 way communication with God 24X7.
Jim, CA

I got your teaching on God’s provision and it was awesome! I sometimes have a hard time relating things in the bible to experiences in my life and this teaching really helped!  I have read about the woman and the oil several times and thought it was an awesome miracle but didn’t look at it like you taught. Relating it to me and using it now a days. It was pretty awesome getting that revelation.
Sarah, Wyoming

You gave the example of how when you are in the car to just have a conversation with Him because He is in the car with you. So, I have been having conversations with Him and really seeking to hear His voice.  I have also been investing in my relationship with Him. I am so thankful for the gift that God has given you.

Kelly, Minnesota

We liked how organized the Conference was and the way you presented the information in a clear and organized manner. Your presentation was easy to follow. The personal examples were good, also. The soaking prayer and song at the end were amazing. The question and answer portion was a good idea.
Steve and Kelli, Wisconsin

Thank you so much for this awesome teaching! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to put it into practice and share with others! Thanks for being such a blessing!
Angie, Georgia

After I heard Jeffrey’s teaching I received a clear understanding, removing the unbelief that held me back. Today I know the Fathers voice and have a wonderful, thriving relationship with the Lord. Thank you Jeffrey!
Crystal,  Canada


Soaking Prayers

Wow!! That was super amazing! Pretty much the whole thing was confirmation of what God has been doing in us & the new things we’ve been learning just in the last few weeks. It was like it could have been just for us.
Becky, Colorado

I received the soaking prayer and listened to it immediately and was so blessed by it! Thank you!
Teresa, Kentucky

The soaking prayers are a beautiful blessing to me!  I love the intimacy with Jesus your prayers stir up in my heart.  It’s like being in green pastures with Jesus, our good Shepherd, and He’s speaking to me personally.  I listen to them over and over again and receive something new every time.
Connie, New York

(Our son) called his Dad this morning and told him as he began listening to it last night that he began to cry and cried all night as the Lord ministered to him about how much He loved him. He told my husband, “Tell Mom thank you for sending this to me. I can only say it has been life changing and what I’ve been searching for. Its the answer to my prayer”.
Carla, Arkansas


Prophetic Words From God

I got a word from Jeffrey a year ago and it has sparked a purpose and Destiny that God has intended for my life ! My husband was unemployed for a year and we were praying for the perfect job and location. Jeffrey had spoke the word “port”, obviously next to the ocean !

Well, we are now moving to Tampa FL, next to ports everywhere, plus a dream job for my husband. Destiny has just begun, we can’t wait to see what God has in stored for us…one being a brand new home! God is good and his mercy endureth forever Amen !!!!
Charlotte, Florida

I didn’t know that I heard God’s voice until I attended Jeffrey’s class on how to hear God’s voice; I took hold of the tools he had given me, and one of those was journaling. I asked God to give me a Bible verse, and He gave me Hebrews 3:15, since then I’ve heard His voice clearer and clearer. I have no doubt I hear Him now.
Heather, Colorado

Life changing! I was never the same after hearing what God had to say about me. God knew me, loved me, He shared the plan he had for my life. When I heard these things, I knew without a doubt it was God using this man, to speak to me. Forever Blessed!!
Vicki, Hawaii

In 2013 Jeff taught me that I could hear Papas voice. That I was created in the image of Father God. I had been hearing His voice through words, images, feelings and impressions all of my life, but did not realize it.

I used to encourage people before I knew I was hearing from Papa, but ever since I learned I was hearing Papas voice, I give encouraging words to others all the time. It is Papas will for us to give prophetic words to others in love.One other important thing I learned from Jeff is that when I read Papas Word out loud, I am hearing His voice.
Dolly, Colorado

Everything you shared from the Lord was so deeply relevant and intimate, it’s like you know me!  This was definitely confirmation of what God has already been showing me and in line with prophetic words already received.

I am so impressed with your accuracy, even the scriptures you shared were those that God has revealed to be very personal for me….. I will go back to listen to this word over again as I know this was really God speaking through you and I can’t thank you enough for being a Blessing to me!!
Yehn. Wisconsin

You have an amazing gift from the Lord my friend! I finally had a chance to listen to it, and it was beyond encouraging, and so many confirmations. My wife and mother in law listened to it with me, and we all had tears in our eyes.

Another amazing thing to me was the sense of peace I had when you started talking, and it had nothing to do with what you were saying. It was this Holy Spirit download of peace, and much needed. Thank you again, and God’s blessing on everything you touch, and everything you do!
Travis, Oregon

Thank you so much, kind sir, for my Transforming Word and especially for how quickly you delivered it to me. I have listened to it twice and have had my hands raised, receiving it both times! I cannot yet even begin to tell you how affirming, confirming and revelatory it is. It is a word that will continue to unfold for a long while, I am sure

Wow what an amazing word from the Lord. This word has blessed my socks off, literally. lol I thank you for your obedience and releasing what the Lord had to share.
Connie, Pennsylvania

I’m in awe and such gratefulness for you taking the take out and speaking this amazing word in my life. I’m going to listen to this again and again lol this confirms so much for me. Whew Thank you Lord!
Lorilei, Illinois 

I just felt prompted to share some of the fruit of the word you sowed into my life. I will first say that everything in the word was confirmation to things that were previously revealed to me. It provided extreme encouragement to stay the course… To keep fighting the good fight of faith.

More importantly, I obeyed the instruction to go back and listen and find my part and rest in Gods part. That is where breakthrough has come. I received revelation on Joy… To enjoy the path of life that God has me on.
Manda, Florida

I just wept through this. When you prayed, for me it felt so compassionate. This was so encouraging and so confirming and so faith-building.  I want other people to hear from God like this.
Steve, Minnesota

Your gift from the Lord blows me away!  A perfect word received at the perfect time, as always.  Thank you so much for sharing with me.
Tiffany, Michigan

That was AMAZING! THANK YOU for hearing from God and sharing what He said about me! I haven’t had a Word that was so accurate especially from someone who doesn’t know me at all. It is so encouraging to see that God knows me so well. Your Word was very right on!!!
Tamara, Colorado

The word was all good, blessing me now, and I know will continue to bless me.  But the specific word I was hoping for was right at the end.  It was awesome.  When I heard it, I gasped…and responded with joy and tears, waving my arms around, praising Him for loving me and being so good to me!
Denise, California

The Words you sent to my wife and I stunned us both. We both believe in spiritual gifting, of course, and prophecy among them, but neither of us had ever received such a message. We’ve been seeking God’s will in this specific situation for months, and your recordings were encouraging and confirming and comforting and energizing.

There’s only one word to really sum it up for us, and that’s the word you used below: your word, His Words through you, blessed us. We listened to the each recording several times, and prayed about them for the better part of this past weekend. It has been a powerful experience for us both.
Teddy and Jenny, Washington

I want to thank you for the words you gave me from the Lord. It was a true blessing. My faith was restored.
Diane, Michigan

We received our word last night! It was so much more than we could ever imagine! We cried, we laughed. We couldn’t sleep we were to excited for what God has for us!
Vicki, California

I have been basking in God’s glory since I heard the word. Everything was accurate. I believe this word and I receive it.  This prophecy coincides with the other ones. But this one is far more specific and intense. I just didn’t realize how important I am in God’s plan.  Thank you brother.
Tyler. Minnesota

Thank you for this beautiful Word. I love how God is so present and near to us, how He knows each need and just the words that bring encouragement.
Lynn, Minnesota

Thanks so much for drawing from God a word for me, my spirit bore witness with what the Lord spoke through you.
Rosanna, Angola, Africa

I wanted to take a minute just to thank you for taking the time to be the messenger for God! Everything you said to me was spot on. I’m blown away by the power and mystery of God right now!

I literally bawled my eyes out through the entire thing because everything you said was what I needed to hear. I feel like every chain that was tying me down was cut off and released. I feel like I can let go and just breathe for the first time in what feels like forever.
Sarah, Minnesota

Thank you so much for being the messenger! I was so blessed by this word… I needed everything in that word. Again, thank you for being willing!!!! God is good and His timing is perfect!
Kyle, Florida

EVERYTHING you spoke was not just on point, but a witness in my spirit as well.  I’ve not had a word from the Lord in such a long time that was so specific to my needs.
Stephanie, Colorado