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10 Questions To Ask God

June 1, 2017 2:19 pm
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What if you knew what questions to ask God? Would you be willing to ask Him these life transforming questions? I’ll share with you 10 questions to ask God that will give you the answers God wants you to know today.

One day I took a very close look at the word QUESTION. I was very surprised when I saw the word “Quest”.  No wonder I ask God so many questions. I have been on a Quest for His Answers the whole time.

Maybe you have a lot of questions for God. You may want to know HOW to ask the right questions to God. When you learn are asking the right questions, you’ll be one step closer to God’s answers for you. The good news is He has THE Answers for you.

I believe the KEY to asking God the “right questions” is to find out directly from Him what HE wants you to ask Him. Imagine what it would be like asking the All Knowing One any question He wants you ask and getting the answers He wants you to know.

Before I share these questions you ask God, you need to realize you are NOT the one coming up with the questions nor the answers. They BOTH come from Him.

If you are an analyzer, you don’t have to try and guess what He is going to say to you. You simply ask and then the next step is just as important as asking.

Listen for God’s answers.

When I teach others on hearing God’s voice more clearly, I share how significant it is to listen after you ask. I also encourage you to write down the questions AND the answers. This way you’ll be able to go back and look at what you wrote down.

I want to share with 10 questions you can ask God today. The first time I did this with God, He gave me what I thought was a very humorous question.

1. Lord, what questions do You want me to ask You?

To this day I still think its a funny but so simple. This will open up the floodgates for you into knowing what God wants you to know. You need to get your pen and paper ready after asking this one question because He is about to reveal to you KEYS to opening up doors in your life.

2. Lord, what do You love about me?

If you knew just how much God loves you, your perspective on life would change immediately. I’m sure you’ve heard “God loves you”, but until you believe it and know it with all your heart, you could be missing out on what God has planned for you.

It’s imperative you receive this revelation from the Lord personally on how much He loves you and WHY He loves you unconditionally. In other words, it can’t be someone else’s revelation of God’s love for them.

3. Lord, what do You want me to know about You I don’t know yet?

God knows you better than you know yourself. He also knows WHY He created you in the first place – to have RELATIONSHIP with you. Not just any relationship, but a Loving Relationship. He wants you to get to the place where you TRUST Him with all your heart.

Proverbs 3:5 shows us, “Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.” How do you get to the place where you can trust Him? You GET to know Him more intimately. The more you know His love for you, the more you can trust Him.

4. Lord, what is my purpose in life?

God wants you to know this answer more than you do. Everyone knows there is more to life than what they’ve been living and truly desires to know God’s Purpose In Life.

He has given each of a desire not only to know Him but know His Perfect Will for our lives. Once you ask this specific question, remember don’t try and figure out what He is going to say. Be quiet, listen and receive what He is going to reveal to you. Your life will never be the same.

5. Lord, who do You want me to be in relationship with now?

Who you associate with influences you more than you realize. When you listen to other’s opinions and perspectives on life, it can have a major impact on how you view life. I believe people are in your life for a REASON and for a SEASON.

Think about the friends you had when you were in elementary school. They were in your life for that period of time in your life, but most likely they are not in your life now. Don’t be surprised if God tells you the season is over with some people in your life. That’s great because God is setting you up for new healthier relationships.

6. Lord, what do You want to tell me about my health?

Why is this so important? You are 100% responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and relational health. He knows what is BEST for you. Many of us will admit we are not in the best shape of our lives. We must be willing to make the changes that are necessary to live a much healthier and happier life. Are you?

Expect God to tell you some changes that you need to make to live the life God wants you to live here on the Earth. Remember, He will only tell you what you CAN do WITH His help. You are not doing this alone. He is the One who is guiding you.

7. Lord, where and when do You want me to go today?

When you ask this one question, it will set you up for so many Divine Appointments. I’ve had hundreds of divine connections simply by asking God this “where and when” question. It has also kept me out of danger.

Over a year ago, I asked the Lord about when He wanted me to get my mail. He wanted me to wait until later in the afternoon. Once I went to get my mail I realized the Lord saved me from getting shot by a gunman in the area.

8. Lord, why am I so blessed?

Yes you ARE blessed. More blessed than you realize. What I really like about this question is you will find out God’s Reasons why you are blessed. Its not because of you, but it’s because of what Jesus did FOR you.

The answers you’ll receive from Him, will also change your focus to what you ALREADY have. You will have such a heart of thanksgiving and praise when you know from God’s perspective why you are SO blessed.

9. Lord, who do You want me to bless today?

If you ever had a challenging day, this question will help you SHIFT your focus from you to someone who you can bless. Jesus told us, “Its more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

You will experience so much joy when you give what you have to others. You never know how much it can change a person’s life when you ask God who you can bless that will bring God glory.

10. Lord, what other questions do You want me to ask You?

Get ready to write down even more questions to ask the Lord. Its so important to LISTEN and WATCH for His answers because He can reveal to you any way He wants to what He desires you to know today. God speaks to you in His own unique ways.

If you are on a Quest to know MORE about God and your life, I encourage you to take this:

10 Day Challenge

For the next 10 days, ask God just one question. Write down the question in a journal. Listen and watch for His answers. Then write down what He reveals to you.

God is SO excited for you to start asking Him HIS questions. Are you?

What questions above did you like best?

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This post was written by Jeffrey Hardwick


  • Maggi Morrison says:

    Jeffery, I am excited to do this challenge.
    I am starting off with question #3 Lord, what do you want me to know about you I do not know yet?
    Jeffery, thank you for your continual humbleness before the Lord. You blessed so many of us who are seeking more of God.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Hopefully you were blessed by asking the Lord those 10 life changing questions and the answers He gave you.

  • Audrey Alonzo says:

    Hi Jeffrey. Thank you for sharing this. This helps me get dusted on my own Quest with God to know Him more intimately and really develope that deep personal relationship with Papa. I’m looking forward to starting the 10 day journey Today!
    Blessings to you.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Your journey with God has many questions I’m sure. The good news is, God has ALL the answers He wants you to know.

  • Aggie Theriot says:

    That he is always there for you. He sees everything you are going through.he has an answer for you but you must stop and be still! Listen, he has your answer.