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What Is Your Purpose In Life?

November 13, 2017 5:37 pm
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What is your purpose in life?My heart’s desire is to help you answer the question, “What is your purpose in life?” You can know what your purpose is and where to find help in time of need too.

You were created by God for His purpose. He knows what your reason for living is all about and wants you to know it more than you do. You MUST go to Him to find out your WHY in life. You can’t guess or try to figure out what is your purpose in life. Why would you when you can go to your Creator and ask Him for your mission here on Earth?

I know it can be frustrating going through life decade after decade not knowing why you are here. But I am want you to know, God hears your heart’s cry. He knows you are not satisfied with your life the way it is and He is about to show you The Way to live from now on.

When God shows you what your life is suppose to look like, you will understand He decided on what your purpose in life was to look like before the beginning of time. You are predestined to fulfill your calling, but you must know what it is first before living a fulfilled life.

God Knows

The ONE who knows your assignment here on Earth is God Himself. He created you in His image and after His likeness. He knows what your life is suppose to look like right now and He wants you to know it too. Why not go to the All Knowing God who is eager to share with you what your destiny is all about?

As you seek God for direction in your life, you will learn how to trust Him with all your heart. You can either trust Him or try to figure things out on your own. Which one do you think the All Knowing God prefers? Trust Him.

Ask God

You can find so many Scripture verses where God wants you to ask Him questions. Many times you don’t have the answers and its because you never asked God in the first place. When you ask Him, you must BELIEVE He will answer you.

The more specific questions you have about your purpose in life, the more detailed answers you can receive from God. Why not ask God, “What questions do YOU want me to ask You about my purpose in life?” When you ask, then listen and watch for His answers.

Write The Vision

God has a vision for your life. Again, He is the ONLY One who knows what your destiny is suppose to look like. When He reveals to you your vision, you MUST write it down. In Habakkuk 2:2, the Lord tells you to, “Write the vision, make it plain, that he may run that reads it.”

Why would God want you to write down the vision for your life? So you can remember it and refer back to what you wrote down. When your write down your vision, its like a Road Map to where you are going in your life. God not only wants you to know the vision, write it down, but most importantly, live the vision.

I want to encourage you that over the next several months, I am going to help you discover your purpose in life. I want you to know your WHY in life and how to fulfill the destiny God has for you.

How can I help you discover your WHY in life?

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