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My Relationship With God

June 28, 2018 8:25 pm
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My relationship with God Many of you may be curious about my relationship with God. I get so many questions on how I can hear God so clearly. The key really comes down to my personal relationship with Him.

Over the past few years I have taught on how to hear God MORE clearly. How am I able to do this? Its investing time in my relationship with God. If you only knew how much time I have sacrificed not only hearing His voice, but getting to know His heart for me.

There is no one else in my life like God. He is so loving, patient, kind, forgiving, accepting, supportive and generous. How would I know any of this about God unless I made a decision to listen to Him and give Him my attention.

Throughout the years my relationship with God has developed into an intimacy I did not realize what possible. He truly wants to know what is on my heart even when I don’t want to share my feelings and thoughts with Him. The Lord desires what is best for me and its humbling to receive from God.

My Earlier Years

When I was younger, I was afraid of God. I obviously did not have a true perspective of a loving, merciful God. The more I pursue Him, the more I desire to be with Him more and more. Over the last couple of years I would have what I call “God Days” where its just me and Him. I LOVE those times with Him.

If you were to ask the ONE thing that has helped me the most in my relationship with God Almighty, I would say LISTENING to Him. It started in 1992 when I was given a Study Bible. I began to read the Scriptures out loud. When I did, I realized the Bible came with a Teacher – Holy Spirit.

I would ask Him question after question as I was reading the Scriptures. As a young boy I did not read the Bible. The only time I remember looking at one was when we had a Picture Bible in our home. One day I opened it up and saw a picture of the devil. I slammed the book shut and did not read a Bible until I was 29 years old.

I believe God has put a desire in each of us to read His Holy Scriptures. Look at it as Love Letters from God. There is also so much wisdom and truth found in each book of the Bible. I always encourage others to read the Scriptures out loud. Why?

Since God wrote the book, I believe when we read His Word out loud, its just like God speaking to our hearts. My life would not be the same without reading His Word out loud. I know that for a fact, so I encourage you to also read the Bible out loud every time you study it each day.

So when I would listen to Holy Spirit as I was reading, He was answering my questions about the verses. He even gives me new revelations of the verses when I ask Him for them. I truly want to know God’s heart for me and the only way that is going to happen is to ask Him questions.

How else are you going to develop your relationship with anyone unless you ask questions?

How To Trust God

My relationship with Him this year has been about learning to truly TRUST GOD. He created us to trust Him with all our hearts. I know I trust God in certain areas of my life and other areas I am still learning to trust Him. One time He asked me a question…

How can you trust someone you don’t know?

Great question. So I wanted to trust God but I had to get to know Him more intimately. I know God’s heart is wide open. That means opening up my heart too. He is not hiding His love for me or you. The more I GET to know God, the more I trust His loving heart for me.

I truly enjoy when people ask me questions about my relationship with God. Its unique and not to be copied. Think about all of your relationships, they are all unique aren’t they?

The more I get to know God, the more I want to get to know Him even more. Do you? Our relationship with God is for all eternity. I don’t want to wait until I get to Heaven to begin an intimate relationship with Him. My heart’s desire is to get to know God NOW. Do you?

New Revelation of God’s Love for Me

My love for Him has grown. I remember 15 years ago just before I went to sleep, the Lord gave me an amazing revelation of His love for me. Before I would go to be at night, I would tell God I loved Him and He said to me, “Jeffrey I love you even when I don’t say it to you.” That was a HUGE revelation for me. Why?

My definition of love growing up what pretty simple – Say “I love you” to me and give me a hug. So I believed if anyone loved me its because they said “I love you” and they gave me a hug. Unfortunately that rarely happened so I did not believe I was loved. When God told me He loved me even when I did not hear Him say it, instantly changed the way I saw God.

I know my relationship with God will continue to become more and more intimate. Why? Because I WANT to get to know God. The Bible says to, “Be still and know that I am God.” Its my responsibility to be STILL, which means to be quiet and silent. Did you know silent and listen have the same letters? HINT.

The Lord wanted me to share a bit about my relationship with you to encourage you to seek Him and find Him. God is for you. He loves you. The Lord wants what is best for you. God has all the answers to your questions. He even wrote a book for you. If you desire to hear God more clearly too, then I recommend choosing to invest more one on one time in your relationship with God.


What surprised you the most about my relationship with God?

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This post was written by Jeffrey Hardwick


  • Frederick says:

    From time now, i will read the bible out loud…

  • Deb says:

    I, too, want to have a relationship with God before I meet him in Heaven. What a great thing! I don’t have to wait. I can do that now if I choose to work on it. I will start to read the bible out loud and talk to him. I haven’t thought to ask him questions as not sure he would answer or I would hear him. I am gonna give it a try.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Eternal Life is knowing Him NOW. You’ll be surprised how much easier it will be knowing His voice when you read out loud and listen to Holy Spirit as He teaches you the Bible is a life changing way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Over the last year I’ve some how have gotten drawn closer and closer to his word and music and praise. I’ve always thought that God loves me but never really read my Bible and listen every day to warships. It’s like I want to know more and in the passed I would of never rode down the road listening to praise and worship , now it’s like something is saying learn Towana , listening for what he wants me to do, times I feel confused as where I’m to go, stay or move. Haven’t heard but I know he will take care of me. Thanks for your words and wisdom..

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      You’re welcome. I am so glad you are drawing nearer to the Lord’s heart in His Word and through worship.

  • Julie says:

    I loved that you said that everyone is unique and not to be copied. Is it awesome that He knows each and everyone of us and has such a unique way of encountering us and loving us. I think God will always awe me. His ways are so much better then mine. I like be His surprises. God has a unique relationship for each one of us. Time with Him is more valuable then any other thing you could imagine. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Julie I’m glad you were blessed. I agree time with God is more valuable than any other thing we could imagine.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Jeffrey,
    I see several thing that happened/or happening in my own life too…i.e lately, I too have been asking questions as I read his word and wait for an answer…some answers are still pending. What catches my attention the most from this article though is how God revealed his love for you. It shows me that he reveals his love for us in a unique way depending on where we are at….I have my own experience. Also reading your posts, I always see kindness in you…in the way you bring a message forth and when I see your description and perspective of Gods nature….I imagine your close walk with him has shaped that?

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Thank you Elizabeth. We have our own unique walk with God. My walk with God reflects what I share in this posts as well as other messages I share for HIM.

  • Clarianne Medina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing what your own relationship with God is like, Jeffrey. This post is what I needed to read tonight.

    In addition to reading a scripture that jumps out while I’m reading a larger passage, I like to write it down on a piece of paper and tape it somewhere I can see it so I can keep looking at it and saying it aloud. There are times where it’s harder for me to understand a passage while I’m reading it aloud, so the way I read my Bible can vary.

    Listening to it on audio is nice. Sometimes I like to hear another person’s tone of voice and inflection rather than my own, especially if the person is a good reader. My mind and imagination is more engaged, which helps me retain scripture.

  • MK says:

    Thank you for sharing, Jeffrey. It’s always refreshing to hear someone you respect in the faith’s journey. Did you find it was distracting at first to read the word out loud? I sometimes feel like I don’t concentrate or soak things in as much when I read them out loud.

    • Jeffrey Hardwick says:

      Great question. It actually helped me stay MORE focused reading the Bible out loud since I am a auditory person. Hopefully you were blessed by my journey with God.